Interview with Jeremy Strutt

Taking the pace of the Sunday Peloton on the Prom

How are you getting to this year’s Street Velodrome? If you’re not joining the Sunday Peloton on the Prom on Sunday 3rd July, you might want to rethink your day… We take a moment to catch up with the peloton’s organiser, Jeremy Strutt, to find out what it’s all about.

WSV Team (WSVT):

Before we start with the questions, tell us a bit about your cycling history, Jeremy. What got you onto two wheels in the first place? What do you love about it?

Jeremy Strutt (JS):

Everyone rides bikes as kids, but for me it became a mode of transport when I got my first part time job. Since then I have ridden all sorts of different bikes, for transport and pleasure.

We are very lucky in Worthing to have easy access to the downs for mountain biking and touring, as well as not many hills around town for commuting and just going out for coffee!

Who doesn’t like coffee and cake?


And we’ve got to ask – what’s the cycle that you’ve loved owning the most?


I currently own a variety of bikes, from a three wheel cargo trike to a BMX, and most things in between, but my current favourite is my Ridgeback touring bike. With a rack for panniers and full mud guards, it is the chosen bike for almost every trip!




That brings us to the Peloton on the Prom. What inspired you to make it happen?


Since starting the Worthing Cycling Facebook page in 2011, one of the core features has been arranging group rides along the prom. Not only is it part of the National Cycle Network, the shared use prom is a key part of getting people on bikes. It promotes slow steady riding, and helps young riders to appreciate sharing space with other users before they venture on to the road. Last year we had two rides, one on Saturday for families, and one on Sunday for custom and classic bikes, and both were a huge success!


Do you have any special plans for this year’s Sunday Peloton on the Prom? How can people find out about it and join in?


This year, the ride is all combined into one on Sunday morning, so we can get all the families, tag alongs, customs, classics and everything in between all out together.

The plan is the same though, meet at the wind shelter at the bottom of George Fifth Ave, which is the beginning of the off road part of NCN2, and there’s free parking! We will all set off together for a slow and steady ride to the Street Velodrome Event, no one will get left behind!

The cruise is on Facebook, and also on for people who don’t use social media. Just turn up on the day! There will be metal railings set up in Beach House Gardens to secure your bike during the day, so don’t forget your locks!


Will you be having a go on the track this year? If you’re not, is there someone you’d like to give a quick shout out to, to speed them on their way?


Ummmm….. I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, so probably won’t take to the track, however I am looking forward to watching the action!

Thanks for your time, Jeremy – we can’t wait to see who comes to this year’s Peloton on the Prom!

If you’re inspired to join in, then have a look at the event’s page on Facebook or, if you’re not a Facebooker, simply arrive at the wind shelter at the foot of George V Avenue to be a part of the action!

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