Frequently Asked Questions

  Can children have a go on the StreetVelodrome Track?

Yes, there are no age restrictions however we don’t allow stabilizers.
Those that can’t ride are given balance bikes and the parent / guardian takes them round the track.
Those under 16 need to be signed in by an adult.

  Will there be food and drink available?

Yes, there will be selection of street food traders on site offering a variety of food and drink.

  Are there toilets on site?

Yes, additional toilet facilities are being provided.

  Will there be activities and attractions for people that aren’t interested in cycling?

Yes, there will be lots of stalls and activities with something for everyone.
Please see the full details on the weekend schedule.

 How do I enter the event?

Here! You can register on the entry ballot on the StreetVelodrome website to secure your place on the track.

Location of the event

A map and travel information is available on the Event Information section:

Event information and map